Is there a way to run the questions of a Quiz in a Random way?

  • 20 January 2022
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Hi Experts

I have the following doubts:

  • Can a quiz be run in a random way (order of the questions not always the same)?
  • Can I have a quiz of 20 questions but run it in a way that picks 10 of them randomly when running it?

Thanks a lot

3 replies

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Hi @Jose Belmonte,

Unfortunately, both of your doubts are correct. It’s currently not possible to run a quiz in a way where the systems shows questions at random or just chooses a few of them at a time. 

Depending on how many quizzes you’re planning to run - you can always create a master quiz with all 20 questions and simply duplicate the quiz and randomize it yourself. Drag and drop questions to change the order and delete some of them at random. I do realize that this is extra work for you but unfortunately, this is the only workaround for now. 

Randomizing the order of the questions seems like a pretty neat feature though, I’ll make sure to submit this to our Product team as a feature request 😊

Please let me know if there’s anything else that I can help with!

Being able to display only a few questions extracted from a larger base would really be a game changer for my team ; we would use it for training purposes.
I looked for a lot of solutions with different tolls but none of them is satisfactory

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Hi @rimisac,

Thanks for the feedback! As a workaround for the larger base, you could use templates.

You would need to create one quiz with all the questions you’d want in the ‘base’ and then invite your colleagues as guests to the event with the quiz. They will then be able to find the quiz in templates via ‘My previous polls’ and they can add it to their own events. Then they will simply need to delete any quiz questions they do not want to use.

Hope this helps :)